Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lesson Points: 13 Aug

Hello All,

Main points for today's lesson:

1. Digital Poster
- think from the perspective of a producer / entrepreneur: How can I attract people to read / find out more about my product
- recall what was taught about effective posters, google related advertisements to find an effective way to 'sell' your product using the poster.
- take an actual photo of your prototype (rather than copy / pasting a picture)
- you may use Piktochart, etc to help design your digital poster.
- only still poster (ie. no animations). You will have an opportunity to create a commercial (TV-type advertisement) in Sec 2.

2. Information for IE Group Presentation 
  • 8 min presentation, 2 min Q&A, all students must have enough presentation time
  • Mode - Keynote, Prezi, Video, Animation, 3D Modelling, etc.
  • Use the rubrics to guide you (Group member names / Group Name / Product Name on first slide) 
  • Draft submission - Week 7
  • Final Submission - Week 8

Information on slides:

  • Problem, Underlying Causes (UC), Root Causes (RC)
  • Research Findings on Problems, UC, RC, Solutions
  • Solution - criteria, and why the team decided to choose this solution over others
  • Model, Prototype, Detailed Diagram of Innovative Product
  • Value Proposition for the Product (why should the customer buy this product?
  • Digital Poster

By the upcoming lesson on Monday, 18 August, you should have:
  • Discussed how you want to organise the slides
  • Who to be in-charge of which portion of the slides
  • When it must be completed so that it can be put together to ensure it is coherent and flow, and make changes if necessary
  • Group Leaders to share this document to Mr. Hiap (using the same CPS spreadsheet.
We will go through the draft slides on Monday, 18 August.

If a group member is absent, the group is still scheduled to present. No changes allowed for the presentation schedule (to be informed next lesson).

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