Thursday, 28 August 2014

Announcements for Fri, 29 August


To summarise:
i) All group reflections for the Red Dot Museum visit should be posted.
ii) Group Leaders to post up their slides to the IE blog and email to Mr. Hiap no later than 8:00pm, Friday, 29 August.
*Group 2: Javier Yeo, please post up. I have received the slides by email already. Thank you.

You may post your questions for the 5 groups after the slides have been uploaded.
Questions should be positively phrased. The intention for the questions is for learning and improving the quality of the product solution.

Minimum 1 question by each student for a group (excluding your group). A maximum of 4 questions may be asked. Each question to a different group. Due date for posting your questions: Wed, 3 September.

iii) Return your signed parental form for the Exploring Entrepreneurship Camp on Monday, 1 September. Keep the cover page for your reference.
**Note: Report at on Wednesday, 10 September at 0740hrs in the ISH.

Thank you.
Mr. Hiap

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