Wednesday, 30 July 2014

IE Digital Poster & Red Dot Reflection

Hello S1-02 (All Groups),

1. Reminder that you have to submit your DIGITAL POSTER draft by this week (Week 5).
You can email me the shared link for the DIGITAL POSTER.

Each group is to check for the following:
- spelling
- font: contrast / size / color ... is it clear
- can you make the title of the DIGITAL POSTER to be eye-catching / attention grabbing?
- is your use of your product clearly explained in the DIGITAL POSTER?  

NOTE: If your group is late, the group's final grade will be reduced by one band (e.g. Excellent to Competent or Competent to Developing).

2. Each group is also to post up your Red Dot reflection (by group). This is already overdue, so please upload it quickly.

Mr. Hiap

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