Sunday, 13 July 2014

Hello S1-02,

Here are main points discussed at today's lesson:

Make-Up IE lesson: Wed, 16 July
Time: 12:45 – 1:35pm
Venue: S1-02 Classroom

Grouping for IE: Each group of 4-5 members. 
23 students in S1-02, so 3 groups of 5 students, 2 groups of 4 students.
Note: Students not in a group by Wednesday, will be assigned by Mr. Hiap and will have to stay behind until they have finished the 'Group' sections of the CPS report.

Shared Folder: To standardize
S102_IE_2014 (Do not rename)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Do not rename)
Rename your folders as: S102 <Index, e.g. 01, 09, 10, 11> <Full Name>

CPS Template Issues:
Many repeated ‘food wastage problem’ or similar-type problem. 
Dare to be different.
Possible categories: 
Safety, Prevention of Theft.

Check that your challenge scenario is:
Relevant (in S'pore, Asia), Recent (year 2000 onwards)

Eg. Janice – Underlying causes may be repeated.
Reason 5, 6: similar / repeated
Reason 3, 8: similar / repeated
Eg. Owen – stopped at 5 reasons.
Reason 2, 3, 5: similar / repeated

Note: Some students have not submitted their CPS report draft. Please upload all CPS reports as Word Template to allow me to key in my comments.

Rubrics: Refer to class IE blog.
Individual work: many need to edit CPS.

Group work timeline (All date dues based on our Monday lesson):
Digital Poster: Draft Week 5, Final Week 6
Model / Prototype / Detailed Diagram (Google Sketchup): Draft week 8, Final Week 10

Presentation: Week 8, 9
CPS 'Group Sections': Draft Week 8, 9. Final Week 10

Examples of digital poster will be shared on Wednesday, 16 July.

Submit your signed consent form to Christopher by Tuesday, 15 July. Thank you.
Mr. Hiap  

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