Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Group Details and Group CPS Google Spreadsheet

Hello All,

All groups members: Meet within your group to decide on the Challenge Statement and Scenario.
Using the Group CPS Google Spreadsheet (emailed to Christopher, Elgin and Owen), key in the following:

i) Group Challenge Statement and Scenario
ii) Group Problem Statement
iii) Group Top 8 Solution Ideas
iv) Group Evaluation Criteria (2 Pre-selected criteria: Innovativeness and Feasibility. Your group needs to select 3 more. Total: 5 criteria)
v) Group Evaluation Matrix - using iii) and iv) above, the Evaluation Matrix will be used to choose the best solution for your group to continue working on a model / prototype / mobile app / Google Sketchup.

The Group CPS Google Spreadsheet will be saved / updated / shared by the GL to all group members and Mr. Hiap. (I will highlight my feedback / comments in yellow).

Date Due: Mon, 21 July, 11:30am

*Advice: Select a challenge / topic that your group can work within your time constraint (e.g. other Performance Tasks, assignments, CCA, etc). Each group member should provide 1 hour to 1.5 hours of solid meeting time per week. Check each other's schedule and key this under the Challenge Statement tab of the Group CPS Google Spreadsheet.

During the earlier lesson, some topics suggested were: safety, prevention of theft.

Time: Wed, 1:30-2:30pm,
Venue: study bench outside IE Room (choose a conducive meeting place).

The next stage involves each group member to work on proceed to work on a model / prototype / mobile app / Google Sketchup.
Here are the groups member names (GL: Group Leader):

Group 1
Joshua Yew
Elgin Ng
Wong Kang 
Dominic Hong
Joel Tio (GL)

Group 2
Owen Tee
Justin Lim
Moon Gi Joo
Low Tjun Lym
Javier Yeo (GL)
Group 3 
Javier Liew (GL)  

Group 4
Celest Oon
Kay Sandy Maung (GL)
Yoke Xuan
Janice Tan

Group 5
Richman Kum
Bo Si
Joshua Chua (GL)
Zhu Zhan Yan

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