Thursday, 24 July 2014

Digital Poster

Hello All,

Before you create an effective (digital) poster, you will need to know the purpose of the poster - create publicity / information of how the product is used, etc?

Basically, it is to communicate a message.

To communicate: i) to change behaviour, ii) to get action, iii) to ensure understanding, iv) to persuade, v) to get and give information.

Information needed for the digital poster:

  • What is this product?
  • Why do we need this product?
  • How is this product better?
  • How will this product benefit me?
Poster Design:

1. Original - Something eye-catching that makes the public want to stop and read it (color, pictures, drawings, unusual shape, etc.)
2. Simple - Put 1-2 basic points on each poster.
3. Catchy - Use color for emphasis, variety, and to get and hold attention.  But use colors sparingly.
4. Organized - Make your points easy to read and follow.
5. Readable - If using more than 5-6 words, use both capital and lower case letters rather than only capitals.

What must be in the poster?
1. ‘Eye catching’ title/statement at the top of the poster
2. Problem Statement
3. Features and comparative advantage(s) of product
4. How does it benefit the customers?
5. Group Name with Group Members Name at the Bottom Right Hand Corner
6. Submission: Draft - T3W5, Final Version - T3W6

Group Leaders may share their group digital poster to me early for feedback. Note that submissions must include the above points. 

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