Sunday, 11 May 2014

I&E Lesson (Intense Stuff)

Root Cause Analysis Basics
symptom of the problem (obvious)
the underlying cause (not obvious)
What Are We Going to Do About It?
we cannot just state a bunch of solutions but not do anything about it
the only difference from us and a third world country is that we were born here
*pretty intense stuff*
Thinking about it…
Generating ideas that could help to solve problems 

How to find root causes?
We must get by the "Ladder of WHYs”

Why do wars start?
Greed? $?
What to do afterwards? Kill all of the citizens? 

No one knows who comes in second.

Video (Tricks that you can do with water)

Where are we gong with this creative problem solving.
Unless we can apply these ideas these ideas are pretty much useless.

How are data validated?
Why is it important to explore data?
Numbers Comparison
Prove/ Proof
The Bin — Awareness — Change

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