Sunday, 20 April 2014

Summary for 14 April

Get the main points during presentation
Voice Projection

Think beyond yourself
Have different points of view

Brainstorming tools
- Divergent
- Brainwriting
- Scamper
- Shape Borrowing
- Convergent
-Hits/Hots spots.

The Bin
Project on preventing people from wasting food by putting a message at the trash bins
Trash bins are the most visited places
Only order the amount that you can finish
In the video, the bin is filled up with wasted food
When you go for buffets, take a few at a time instead of everything at one go
They did it at a CBD area. (Central Business District)

There could be a problem with the vendor if there aren’t different prices for different serving sizes. Therefore, people would not want to order less for more $$$. The vendor may also put the minimum portion as a large portion which will force the customer to buy a bigger portion which they will throw the leftovers. In the buffet, parents take more food for you and if you can’t finish, it doesn’t matter but at the hawker centre, they want you to finish your food.

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