Tuesday, 8 April 2014

IE Roadmap for Term 2

Hi All, 

Here is the roadmap ahead for Term 2. The focus will be on individual work, generating ideas on your own first.

Do update your Problem Category on the shared spreadsheet. 

Week 3:
·     Challenge Based Learning (CBL)
·     Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

·     Defining the challenge and challenge statement

Week 4:
·     Problems and opportunities
·     Underlying causes and root cause

·     Defining the problem and problem statement

Week 5: Research findings on problem and existing or potential solution(s)


Week 7: Generating innovative solution ideas

Week 8: Selection of criteria for evaluation of solution ideas

Week 9: Evaluate solution ideas

Javier: kindly post up the summary points using a new heading.
Next summary: Joel Tio

Thank you.
Mr. Hiap

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