Sunday, 13 April 2014

IE Lesson: Mon, 14 April - Creating Problem Statements

Hello All,

Lesson Objectives:

1. To understand and distinguish between challenges and problems.
2. To formulate a relationship between challenges and problems. 

3. To use a rubric to evaluate problem to decide if it is a good problem statement.

Note that the Problem Statements are actually framed as 'Questions' to allow us to explore opportunities and possibilities.

Frame your Problem Statement as:
In what ways might we (IWWMW)..., 
How might we (HMW)...
How can we (HCW)...

3 Elements of a good problem statement:
1) Invitational Stem. Problem statement begins with IWWMW, HMW, HCW
2) Ownership. in which case we know ‘we’ is used implying the students addressing the problem
3) Verb & Objective eg IWWMW package (verb) the book (OBJECT) more appealingly so that people will buy more? (END RESULT) 

Download a copy of the shared document: "2014 CPS Report-Problem Statement".
Enter your full name and share your document (individual work) with me.

Date Due: Sunday, 20 April. (Earlier sharing will allow me to feedback earlier).

Mr. Patrick Hiap

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