Saturday, 15 February 2014

Principles (I&E)

1. Do What You Love

Doing what you love inspires you to do your best and to me, it is the most important as it means chasing your passion no matter what obstacles come in your way. People who are passionate about what they do will strive for the best and never give up. 

2. Sell Dreams, Not Products

When you come with a creative and innovative idea, you will have a goal in mind. By selling your dreams, not your products, you will put in a lot of hard work in that idea and you will perfect it in every way. 

3. Say 'No' to a Thousand Things

Every time you say 'No' to someone, you already have a better and more creative idea in mind. By saying 'No', you are going to work hard to achieve that goal no matter how hard it gets. It also proves how strong, focused, determined and confident you will be when pursuing that idea.

  Principles That You Need to Succeed

- Organise Yourself
- Try, Try and Try Again
- Don't Be Afraid of Failure
- Have Pride in Your Work
- Be Patient and Never Lose Hope
- Have Faith in Yourself
- Enjoy the Process

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