Saturday, 22 February 2014

Individual Homework: 7 Principles of Steve Jobs

Individual Homework:
1. List your top 3 principles according to your importance in making a successful entrepreneur. Explain why.
2. Think about what other traits are important that a successful entrepreneur must have and post it on the I&E blog by next Thursday. List at least 5 more.

1st Place:
   Do what you love - Be passionate about what you do

2nd Place:

   Kick start your brain - Be creative and try to expose yourself to a wide range of experiences and get ideas from it

3rd Place:

   Master the message - Be a good communicator and know your products well, their uniqueness and value addedness

-Always try to get inspirations from other products.

-Try to improve on your products. There is no end to development.
-Make your fantasy come to life. 
-Think from the aspect of your customers.
-Always stick to your purpose of the product.

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