Sunday, 16 February 2014

Individual Homework: 7 Principles of Steve Jobs

Hello All,

Here are the brief explanations of the 7 Principles mentioned during class:
1. Do what you love - Be passionate about what you do
2. Put a dent in the universe - Be visionary and help your customers to make a difference and change the world
3. Kick start your brain - Be creative and try to expose yourself to a wide range of experiences and get ideas from it
4. Sell dreams, not products - Be knowledgeable about your customers and their needs.
5. Say no to 1000 things - Be focused and keep innovations simple
6. Create insanely great experiences - Be sensitive to customers’ level of satisfaction and learn to delight your customers, build emotional connections with them at every touch points
7. Master the message - Be a good communicator and know your products well, their uniqueness and value addedness.

Individual Homework:
1. List your top 3 principles according to your importance in making a successful entrepreneur. Explain why.
2. Think about what other traits are important that a successful entrepreneur must have and post it on the I&E blog by next Thursday. List at least 5 more.

Some have already submitted your posts. Good job!

Remaining students, avoid overlapping reasons or successful traits so that we learn more with each post.

Thank you.
Mr. Hiap


  1. nor mind i just comment

    1.put an dent in the universe- just as Steve jobs said,innovators are there to make a dent in the universe if not they are going to be baggers
    2.Create insanely great experiences-costumer satisfaction is key.If you want to build a product build it to be the best things in the world
    3. Do what you love-Be passionate about what you do,than you will do an epic job