Tuesday, 18 February 2014

3 Top Principles

1. Do what you love - If you don't do what you love, you won't be able to truly have your heart and soul into doing what you do.

2. Kickstart your brain - Be creative! Look at things from multiple points of views. For example: look at a bottle and think of a hundred different ways the bottle could have been designed.

3. Put a dent in the universe - Make sure your product is unique and that it's the one and only one there is. This way consumers will remember your products and come back to get more or even buy more than one at once!

- stay focused on the task at hand, don't stray away from the main purpose of the product

- extracting inspiration from other products, but not making it too similar

- compare and contrast your different product designs to pick out the best one

- be committed, don't give up if you fail once or twice or even more times, creating a bad product is inevitable, you just have to keep trying

- prepare yourself, do the necessary research before designing your product

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