Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 2)

Hello Class,

Here are the other principles introduced by author Carmine Gallo in his book, 'The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs'.

Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 2)
  • Principle 4 Sell Dreams, Not Products - Group 1
  • Principle 5 Say No To 1000 Things - Group 2
  • Principle 6 Create Insanely Great Experiences - Group 3
  • Principle 7 Master The Message - Group 4
  • Life History of Steve Jobs - Group 5
  • Apple (Why do people like Apple?) - Group 6

Your group's submission should have at least 5 points for each principle. Each point must include elaboration about what the trait does to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Due Date: Thurs, 6 Feb, 12 noon.

Reminder to groups of the last lesson (on 24 Jan) to post up your research based on the earlier principles:

Principle 1 Do what you love - Group 1 and 2 
Principle 2 Put a dent in the universe - Group 3 and 4

Principle 3 Kickstart your brain - Group 5 and 6

Please coordinate with your groups so that each point is not repeated, instead the points should be different and elaborated.

Thank you.
Mr. Hiap

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